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2017 01 07
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Albert Burger is a musician who blazes a new trail as far as musical style goes. He categorizes it as "Burger Muziek: . . . folky adult contemporary rock blues jazz world fusion?" Others have have called his music a fusion of Folk, Country, Easy Listening, Story-telling and World Music that has a message built from a lifetime of artistry. With his music spanning many topics from Chicken Disease Blues to Gospel (which one must say is his own style of gospel), you will be sure to enjoy his music as its melodies and lyrics will take you for a journey out of the ordinary and into a world immersed in what can be called Classic World Music that anyone and everyone will enjoy. His first album, Al Burger's Greatest Hits spans 35 years of writing, playing and singing. The album is filled with many instruments from guitar and mouth-organ to David McConnell's saxophone. This was followed by Albert and all that jazz which takes a jazz fusion taste and is the only time I have ever heard mouth-organ and clarinet (played by McConnell) used to accompany each other and the result is fantastic. In 2006 Gospel according to Albert was released on which he produced yet another distinct sound with drummer Nigel McConnell. The 2007 Inational (with the percussive artistry of McConnell and lead guitar player Garett Courtoreille ~ and again produced by John Chapdelaine) is perhaps the hottest yet. Besides a number of Albert's melodious ballads and humorous ditties, it ventures into jazz, rock, and flirts with heavy metal.

Albert's music is far from ordinary and a real breath of fresh air. There is nothing generic about the music or the CDs and would make a welcome change of pace in anyone's music library. Guaranteed to be listened to often, because sometimes different, new and unique is exactly what ears need to appreciate music. On these CDs Albert plays guitar, bass and mouth-organ, does the lead vocals, and is accompanied by Nigel McConnell on drums and David McConnell on flute, saxophone, clarinet, keyboard and background vocals, Garett Courtoreille plays electric guitar, Robert Bennion guests on saxophone, while Tahza Cardinal is featured on a couple of tracks playing electric bass guitar.

Albert makes his home in Faust, Alberta, Canada. He is an artist of many talents that include drawing and writing. He has written, produced, and performed plays, and has self-published a novel THIOT: Runesong of the ErilaR Masters which features powerful writing that takes northern mythology where it has never been, relating the tale of a history real and imagined ~ in which the subject is the story itself. With all that talent in so many fields it rounds his musical writing ability into what is already four albums with a fifth in the works. Albert records at The Big Lake Recording Inc's Studio in Faust Alberta where his music is produced by John Chapdelaine.


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