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2012 03 08

              adam: humankind

(Hebrew) [from 'adam to be red, ruddy] Used in Genesis for man, original mankind; the Qabbalah enumerates four Adams. The Archetypal or Heavenly Man ('Adam Qadmon) is the prototype for the second, androgyne Adam. From these two emanates the third Adam, preterrestrial and innocent, though still further removed from the divine prototype Adam Qadmon. The fourth Adam is "the Third Adam as he was after the Fall," the terrestrial Adam of the Garden of Eden, our earthly sexual humanity (Qabbalah Myer 418).

religion: "of doubtful etymology, by Cicero connected with relegere to read over again. . . ." [OED]

"as in Adam we all die" [1 Corinthians]

three religions of Adam: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

each the only correct doctrine; and the whole world heathen

three religions of death
in constant strife with each other

live the good life
god will take care of itself

thousands of years to have the yoke of Adam's religion lifted

we don't want it back


Jesus of the [Bible]