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2016 12 28
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Email: albert [at] albertburger[dot]com
Telephone: 780 355 3972
Snail Mail: RPO Box 6, Faust, Alberta, Canada  T0G 0X0

erin photos 2010 02 26
about this website

       this is a musician's site . . .
but i'm an [old] guy and most of the material to be found in the section i have named ['notes and works'] illustrates everything within my sphere of interest that includes ~ besides music, art of all sorts, fiction, but also history, mythology, philosophy, politics, as well as contemporary issues
       these topics are approached with journalistic rigor ~ i do my own work and ferret out where information originates ~ you will not find regurgitated news or stories but always be directed to the source
       please contact me with your reaction to anything you find here for i am always interested in what you have to say

2010 01 15 ~ guestbook attracts spam but messages will be posted here

. . . een verslavende website ~ voor dat je het weet ben je een uur kwijt
Tom Bijvoet ~ redakteur, de Krant

From: Alberta Surface Rights Group
Thu, Feb 24, 2011 4:46 am
I love your site. You have got it exactly right! Hopefully the people of Alberta/Canada will wake up some day and realize they have been sold out.
Doug Malsbury, Secretary ASRG

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 5:17 PM, albert burger wrote:
i have placed a link to your site at http://www.albertburger.com/polity.htm#eberhart
hope you approve


On Jun 18, 2010, at 9:41 AM, albert wrote:

> here's the title tune from my last album
> i don't have a contact for derrick laboucan (turtle boy)
> big lake recording inc has a compilation cd of various artists
> call john chapdelaine at 780 355 2395
> thanks for your interest

> where are you located?

Holy cow. You are an interesting dude.
No way I can put this on the cd. Would scare the hell out of them.
Original Albert. Very original. I like it.

I'll call John.
I'm from Dixonville. But I live in Austin Texas now. I made the movie Hank Williams First Nation.
Aaron Sorenson


Thank you Albert, for sending the Stone Age mp3, and so quickly too! That means I'll be able to program it to play this coming Sunday, March 28. The time will probably be about 4:50, but that may change as I work on the show. But I definitely plan to play it during the first hour of World Spinning (between 4 & 5 pm)
CKUA Radio Network
Lark Clark ~ World Spinning


Dear Albert,
I'm honored that you feature [my work] on your web site, which is thought provoking and pretty. I'm just finishing the manuscript called "Rationalizing Hegemony" which will be published (god willing) in 2011.
I wish you good luck with your music and art. It's good to know there are people like you out in the big world.
With warm regards, Sonja
ps. If it's not too much to ask, can you please change my name on your site to S. M. Amadae?

Albert ...
Thanks so much for your support, and I'm glad you enjoyed Alex's article. We certainly appreciate any help spreading the word to anyone who you think might be interested in PRISM, and we're glad that you've [linked] to us from your web site.
As you've suggested, we'll certainly do our part to focus on how increased security affects the every-day lives of individuals and society as a whole ... I think that we'd be failing in our purpose if we didn't.
Best, and many thanks, Richard, Editor, PRISM Magazine

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 4:58 PM, albert wrote:
> "human rights is the key, not the obstacle, to lasting security," notes prism magazine alex neve as he focuses on human rights violations in the pursuit of real or apprehended criminals
> while security measures are purported to be aimed at 'terrorists', these measures have actually violently attacked the general population and has reversed progress and gains made in human and democratic rights since the second world war
> almost more frightening than the terror that since '9-11' has been carried out by a proliferation of 'security agencies' is the meek compliance by the citizenry which betrays the cause of freedom and democracy that rallied soldiers in the last world war
> i hope you will extend your focus to the impact of these measures on everyday life in canada


I was on a sacred journey of exploration online when i came upon your engaging home. I found your site to be authentic and refreshing. You are an enlightening alternative whose very essence exudes positive energy. Know that your life and work are acknowledged and appreciated. I enjoyed learning who you are and i respect that which you aspire to. Thank you for sharing your personal development as doing so inspires the imagination of all blessed to peruse your home in cyberspace. I wish you spiritual growth as you manifest a life of beauty and bliss.

May you live with love, energy, insight and the light of angels as you gain personal fulfillment and may you connect to the universe as you move towards spiritual awakening.

Yours in Ancestral Wisdom
Micheal Teal, The Ancient One

the Ancient One at Sjelfari


It would be nice if we could put together a little wallet card that proves we were there in the sixties. And there should be places you can't get into without it.
Could you design this?
It might really catch on ~ there are enough of us who aren't dead yet to make something of it.
Put on it some kind of raspberry or pejorative gesture aimed at all the hopeless ones who missed the sixties, or tried to fake a hippie past.
I never really had long hair until I went out teaching in New Richmond, PQ.

Jeremy [Ashton]

The difference between our old hippie days and today is this:
Then the answer was blowin' in the wind.
Today the wind has blown the answer away.
No matter:
It's a cleaner wind ~ with no answer
Answerless, it can blow right through you
Like it does through trees
Changing the birds
Leaving only the smaller ones
Who know no songs of ridicule.

Peace and Love

Ban the Bomb


the [Rune] algiZ ~ elk, protection
put in a circle as the basis of the Peace Sign


"the oldest hippie in town" ~ alona, my wife


yes; yes, i'm an old hippie (beatnik?)
if you are too, download this wallet card to prove it
(there should be places you can't get into without it)
send me an old photo of you in a long dress, or with long hair to show you qualify ~ don't want any trouble with the Great Hip One

at 'The Land' (of our community association) in the Driftpile valley, October 2015, talking to an old friend
at one point a young man walked by, stopped, and told he had got stuck, broke something on a quad, and had to walk back several hours
i was introduced: this is Albert
we shook hands
then my friend added: Albert has been called the godfather of the hippy movement in the area
the young man turned back, saying: i'll have to shake his hand again
asking later, when, and who had said or written the godfather line, my friend answered: i was still living here, must have been the seventies, in the local press

this was truly an international movement
witness this letter, received by Farley Mowat (late sixties, Siberia)

Sibir (1970)


those of my generation have a 1960s-70s period
during which we believed society and civil life perfectible

it brought us an acquaintance with often extraordinary people
~ some of whom were dear friends

33 monumental windows created within three years by sarah hall


Second Thoughts
Allen Abel in MACLEAN'S MAGAZINE 2016