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2011 06 07

Faust Lands

CALUC constructed the Co-op Road south of the hamlet into the Faust Forest Project and the West- and East- branches.
The Faust subivision stretches south some 60 miles.


CALUC ~ Central Alberta Land Use Co-operative Ltd
FRCDC ~ Faust Regional Community Development Corporation
FLC ~ Faust Community League
MDBL ~ Municipal District of Big Lakes

the '100 Acre Wood', as well as the site of what was first the office and shop of CALUC then the former Community Hall, with the quarter-section on which the MDBL sewage treatment lagoons are located, was purchased as a parcel by CALUC
The Community Parks of Ako Chi Gunna Tekaya Toh comprises the lakeshore north of the tracks from the tourist development to the west to the Faust Lands to the East

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For more on the Frost Hills Plan and other information see [Faust Corporation]