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2017 07 22

for over half a century, a closely related unholy troika of petro-chemical, food-additive, and pharmaceutical industries have poisoned for profit

. . . everybody knows

we believed industry and manufacturers would be responsible
but bit by bit, more and more, they poisoned us
everybody knows
~ the young think to avoid injury by cynicism alone



left ~ 1948
DDT is sprayed around a model to show it won't contaminate her food


Poisoned for Profit ~ the film
"Watch the trailer for the documentary at the website," says Douglas Petrikat.
"I love you website! Well Done, Albert!
"After 2 years of hard work our DVD is now available!"

Poisoned for Profit ~ the book
"How toxins are making our children chronically ill.
"These children are victims of a crime; the perpetrators are the companies who knowingly manufacture and use poisonous products."



Poisoning for Profit: The Mafia and Toxic Waste in America 1985
by Alan A. Block and Frank R. Scarpitti
still available at Amazon

Forbidding Fruit

        Not since Eve ~ mother of all things ~ threw away the core of her forbidden fruit, have we so unfavourably considered plants it seems. We seem to consider Nature our ugly stepmother, and so distrustful are we of her produce that we bleach her flour, colour her oranges, and treat her potatoes so they will not reproduce and show their ugly eyes to us.
        Even before our food falls into the hands of those additive addicts the processors, the growers themselves ~ those 'guardians of the soil' ~ attack it with dicamba, bromoxynil, mecoprop, dichlorprop, and such chemicals as are hidden in the strange formulae as 2,4- D amine, 2,4-D ester, MCPA, Banvel D, or Ductril M, which are recommended to farmers by the various departments of agriculture.
        In processing, additives by the thousands are poured into our foods: preventives of mold and staleness; preservatives and bleaches; artificial flavouring, sweetener and dyes; emulsifiers, fumigators, anti-foaming, anti-sprouting agents, and parafin sprays. Packaging with its use of waxed papers and cartons, adds contaminants through lacquers, enamels, and plastics.
        Yet it appears that business throughout the ages have assured that they would 'maximize profit'. Will Durant (in his volumous The Story of Civilization) noted that the pamphlet literature of sixteenth century Europe "groaned with denunciations of wholesale adulteration of food and other products." Pepper apparently always had been mixed with mustard husks, pea flour, juniper berries, and sweepings off the store-room floor. The Diet of Innsbruck (1518) complained that importers "add brick dust to ginger, and mix unhealthy stuff with their pepper."
        Tea was mixed, according to Reay Tannahill in Food in History, with 'smouch' which was made especially for the purpose from leaves of the ash tree, "dried and curled on copper plates". Dried thorn leaves, poisonously coloured with verdigris, served the same purpose. Commercial bakeries in the eighteenth century whitened their products with alum, lead gave cheese its appealing colour, cocoa powder was complemented with large amounts of brick dust, and the hearty foam on the beer of that time was owed to green vitriol or sulphate of iron.
        Bon appetit.

the staff of life . . .
You Must Avoid Toxic Wheat No Matter What
gluten intolerant? . . . or, something else

the healthy home economist:
        "You're going to want to sit down for this one. I've had some folks burst into tears in horror when I passed along this information before."
        Common wheat harvest protocol in North America is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields as the practice allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest.
        Pre-harvest application of the herbicide Roundup or other herbicides containing the deadly active ingredient glyphosate to wheat and barley as a desiccant was suggested as early as 1980. It has since become routine over the past 15 years and is used as a drying agent 7-10 days before harvest within the conventional farming community.

April 2012
hamburger bulked up with ammonia-treated filler
that the processor called "finely textured beef";
'food activists' refer to it as pink slime




        the mcburger, according to the company is made of "100 percent Canadian, CFIA inspected beef, . . . sprinkled with salt and pepper at the restaurant during cooking. That's it. No additives, fillers or binding agents."

        kept for over a year unwrapped on a kitchen counter, mould, maggots, fungi, bacteria have avoided it
        the cheeseburger weighs 115 grams at the time of cooking, delivers 200 calories and 750mg of salt; the "regular" bun has 30 or more ingredients and the processed "cheese" 15 or more


the litle ones have ruthlessly been taught consumption of chemicals to become the most medicated children in history ~ for a depressed and then medicated population is easier to control than one made unpredictable by seeking happiness

medicated population = controlled population

august 13 2010
"Scientific Dictatorship wants Lobotomized, Subservient Public"
says texas radio host alex jones at infowars
jones also maintains the site prison planet, and urges people to "search for 'brain eating vaccines'” on google

"I know that millions of Americans are the victims of consuming food and drink products that have been killing our people for decades," wrote Devvy Kidd in News with Views

"Students arriving on college and university campuses today are the most medicated population . . . to ever set foot on a campus," noted the Housing University

Prof Dr Anantha Krishnan railed against the medical profession in a letter that: ". . . They chemically medicate the people who seek treatment, and create a huge medicated population instead of a healthy population. A medicated population is at a great risk to develop side effects which will weaken the body and make them more vulnerable to diseases."

a pill for every ill
worst pills; best pills
expert, independent second opinion for prescription drug

pharmaceuticals are chemical formulaic approximations that cannot capture (nor reproduce)
the essence of what are naturally occurring biological processes


Killer Pain Killer
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA government)
September 2009
Increase in Fatal Poisonings Involving Opioid Analgesics in the United States
download pdf version databriefs

        Opioid analgesics are drugs that are usually prescribed to treat pain. Poisoning death rates involving opioid analgesics have more than tripled in the United States since 1999. Among opioid analgesic-related deaths, those involving methadone increased the most during the period 1999-2006. The importance of opioid analgesics in the management of pain is unquestioned. However, increasing opioid analgesic-related poisoning deaths pose a serious public health risk.

November 2012

1 Nov 2011
        Unintentional poisoning death rates have been rising steadily since 1992, and was second only to motor vehicle crashes as a cause of unintentional injury death for all ages in 2007. In 2008, poison control centers reported receiving calls about 2.5 million human poison exposure cases. In 2009, unintentional poisoning caused about 708,318 Emergency Department visits.
        In 2007, 93 percent of unintentional poisoning deaths were caused by drugs. Opioid pain medications, such as methadone, hydrocodone, or oxycodone, were most commonly involved, followed by cocaine and heroin.

psycho ~ the business of making us crazy
psychoactive drugs have been prescribed over 60 million times this year in canada alone, and the most potent mood altering drugs go to children under 13
check these out:
christopher lane's shyness: how normal behaviour became an illness provides a behind-the-scenes look at the haphazard, unscientific process used to revise The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. . . .
making us crazy: the psychiatric bible and the creation of mental disorders by herb kutchins and stuart kirk reviewed at amazon
                 the upcoming fifth edition of diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, psychiatry's book of official classification of all the ways humanity can go mad, continues a frightening trend of increasingly classing human behaviours as 'disorders'
                 the current edition already lists such as: Mathematics Disorder, Nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Transient Tic Disorder, Disorder of Written Expression, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Female and Male Orgasmic Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Phonological Disorder, Caffeine Intoxication/Withdrawal Disorders, Conduct Disorder, Nicotine Use or Withdrawal Disorder, Non Compliance With Treatment Disorder, Sibling Rivalry Disorder . . .
                 it is too much even for allan frances of duke university ~ the chair of the committee that prepared the last edition: 'it could unnecessarily trigger wholesale epidemics of mental illness and expose millions more adults and children to potentially harmful psychiatric drugs' ~ 'pushed by drug companies and advocacy groups'

                 it seems a nasty war is raging over the issue in psychiatry, according to this article at stanford university's law and biosciences

                 not everyone agrees with the Church of Scientology which maintains the sites linked below to expose what they call "the biggest deceptions, frauds and myths currently being perpetrated on our society", but there is a lot of thought-provoking material here:
                 fight for kids                  drugs and your mind                  food kills


"The sedge is wither'd from the lake,
And no birds sing."

        ~ with these lines from the poet Keats, Rachel Carson imagined a spring without the songs of birds and generated a storm of controversy over the use and abuse of chemical pesticides with her book Silent Spring in 1962
        Carson died in 1964 age 56 but left a legacy that has had an important influence on the environmental movement, as can be read in this 1991 lecture at Purdue University
        a website on her life and legacy is maintained by one of her biographers: Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

stamp issued 1981 


"the integrity of creation is being sacrificed"
~~~ a Serious Moral Problem ~~~
Fort McMurray bishop addresses
"oil company executives in Calgary and Houston,
. . . government leaders in Edmonton and Ottawa, and . . .
the general public whose excessive consumerist lifestyles drives the demand for oil."

read the full Pastoral Letter by Luc Bouchard, Bishop of St. Paul (January 2009)

ordinary joes want all their flashy toys ~ boats, quads, snowmobiles, cars
useless electronic gadgets
shoddily built but luxurious appearing monster houses
support billion dollar 'medicine', cosmetics, pet industry

"Market forces are the best tool of policy-making, and should be elevated as the state criterion for all actions.
"Any other ethic or moral, whether spiritual, religious, or philosophical, is irrelevant and not deserving public attention."
see [polity] for the excesses of the capital democracy

"Oil hinders democracy and corrupts politic[s]" making "Alberta . . . a classic petro-state . . . ."
Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent by Andrew Nikiforuk, Greystone Books, 2009

Download this [Declaration of a Political Emergency], a pdf document by Nikiforuk

             to "spark discussion", Thomas L Friedman wrote an influential article, The First Law of Petropolitics (2005), in which he posited that "the price of oil and the pace of freedom always move in opposite directions in oil-rich petrolist states."
             UCLA Anderson School of Management's Romain Wacziarg, however, reported (2009) "We find strictly no evidence in favor of this so-called [law]."

William Marsden: "This is Alberta's moment. F*** posterity."
           Nowhere has the world seen such colossal environmental destruction as is being wreaked here, where Alberta is destroying itself in a desperate search for oil and gas riches, depleting energy reserves, selling them off to Americans at bargain-basement prices, without thought to conservation or the long-term needs of the nation.
           Stupid to the Last Drop: how Alberta is bringing environmental Armageddon to Canada (and doesn't seem to care) at the publisher from 2007

Greenpeace press release September 16 2009 ~ Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Greenpeace has ended its blockade at Shell's Albian Sands mine after successfully bringing international attention to the climate crime of tar sands operations.
"We went in on the eve of the meeting in Washington between Prime Minister Harper and President Obama to send a message that climate leaders don’t buy tar sands,” said Mike Hudema, Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner. "It's clear from their meeting today that our work is not yet done. Greenpeace will continue to expose the climate crime of the tar sands."
The Greenpeace blockade began at 8 a.m. Tuesday 15 September 2009 when 25 activists went into the Shell mine and blockaded a giant shovel and two giant trucks. At one point the whole mining operation was shut down in response to the Greenpeace blockade. The activists stayed for more than 30 hours to focus attention on the urgent need for action on climate change.
"Through this action, Greenpeace put this destruction centre stage to show the world why we must stop the tar sands," said Hudema. "Greenpeace will press world leaders to make strong commitments to fighting climate change, that means stopping the tar sands and embracing a clean energy future."
With only 80 days remaining before the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen, the Greenpeace blockade brought a much needed focus on the threat of catastrophic climate change caused by the world's addiction to oil.
Through its KYOTOplus campaign, Greenpeace Canada is working to convince the Harper government to become a leader at the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen in December.


a fullpage ad in Variety march 4 2010 caused a stir in the media and drew a lot of attention throughout north america
get the full details at [avatarsands]

flaring near children
people leaving homes due to illness
forced evacuation
Stop Baytex
          "The purpose of this website is not to destroy our most lucrative industries nor is it to send Baytex Energy COO Marty Proctor back to Calgary with his tail between his legs. Our goal is to shed light on conditions that shouldn't be permitted to exist anywhere, but especially in a prosperous province like Alberta."
          "I am not a tree hugger, environmental activist or anti-oil activist." ~ read the full letter here

2013 ~ just south of Peace River . . .

Alberta families will not be home for Christmas
Peace River Families Forced From Homes File for Court Injunction
from Vegreville's News Advertiser

Families forced from their homes by bitumen processing emissions have filed an injunction application with the Court of Queen's Bench in Peace River. They are requesting a court order to stop Calgary's Baytex Energy Ltd. from releasing harmful solvent-tar emissions from 86 heated bitumen tanks surrounding their homes.

~ an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles
abstract and pdf download

~ the cause of urban violence?
study (2009 11 24) finds disturbing evidence

Gasoline exhausts cause increased aggression
             This paper examines the hazards of the inhalation of car fuel exhaust: leaded gasoline and the unleaded type enriched with oxygenate additives as lead substituent in order to raise the octane number.
             The impacts of exposure in the cerebral cortex were evaluated, and the effect on aggressive behaviour was also studied. It revealed that gasoline inhalation induced significant fluctuations in brain regions. These physiological impairments were accompanied with a higher tendency towards aggressive behaviour as a consequence to gasoline inhalation.
             It concludes that chronic exposure to gasoline vapours impaired brain areas and modulated several behavioural aspects related to aggression in rats.

minamata disease at wikipedia
canada's minamata
40 years on, mercury poisoning worse

Download the health study by Dr. Harada, in English for the first time (at freegrassy.org). Published in Japanese in 2005.
                 "In 1970, fish caught from the English-Wabigoon River system in northwestern Ontario indicated mercury contamination. Since then, many more mercury contaminated fish were reported. The government banned commercial fishing and issued a warning against taking fish for food. Otters and minks, which eat fish in the area, disappeared. People witnessed eagles flying abnormally. An eagle indicated a mercury level of 96 ppm in its liver. High levels of mercury were detected from the liver, the muscle, and the eggs of ducks in the same area. Cats in the area showed symptoms of Minamata Disease.
                 "One of the cats was sent to Japan for autopsy by a neuro-pathologist. He found typical Minamata Disease in the cat. Very high levels of mercury were detected in the cat. The eat's owner also indicated a high mercury level. Experiments proved that cats, which were fed fish from the same river system, contracted Minamata Disease in about 90 days. Contamination of the environment and the food web was clear. The source of contamination was a caustic soda factory up stream, in Dryden, Ontario."
                 Doctor Harada "organized a research team from Kumamoto Gakuen University and physicians. We conducted examinations in September in 2002 and September in 2004, 27 years after the first research in 1975. The areas of research were two reserves, Grassy Narrows First Nation and Wabaseemoong (White dog) Independent Nations, the same two communities where we conducted research in 1975. The registered population is 1214 people in Grassy Narrows and 1649 people in Whitedog. "

                 "High-density mercury contamination had occurred in areas where methylmercury was discharged by acetaldehyde production facilities or where agricultural chemicals that contained an organic mercury fungicide were massively sprayed. Now the situation is changing into lower density contamination over broader areas. Sources of contamination are mostly inorganic mercury discharged into the natural environment, which methylate into methylmercury, as in the case of caustic soda plants or gold mines. In the late 1980s, mercury contamination was found in several areas in the world, like the Amazon, where analysis was conducted on the air, earth, organism, fish, shellfish and hair sample oflocal residents. However, very few clinical reports were done on the health of local residents in the contaminated area. Even after the high mercury levels of the residents were reported, it was not clear what kind of symptoms the residents had. For example, residents living along the Amazon River indicated mercury levels that are high enough to contract Minamata Disease, but there are few reports about clinical examinations of the residents."
                 "Our research method examined life conditions, medical history, family history, subjective symptoms, mental symptoms and complications as well as collecting hair samples. The same doctors conducted both studies, in 1975 and the follow-up studies. There is no such precedent. Therefore, our research from 1975 and the follow-up studies in 2002 and 2004 are significant contributions in considering mercury contamination and the health of the residents in these two communities."
                 The total number of people tested was 187. Almost all had subjective and neurological symptoms of numbness, pain in limbs, joints and back, impaired vision, dizziness, imbalance, difficulty grasping and dropping things, tremor, and speech impairment. Two-third was diagnosed with Minamata Disease.
                 "It is a very high rate of neurological symptoms for a sample of a population. It is as high as contaminated areas in Minamata."
                 "Currently it is being reported that fetuses could be affected by mercury."
                 "The possibility of congenital Minamata Disease occurrence is very high in these two communities."
                 "Official acknowledgement of Minamata Disease and corporate responsibility are important in order to implement [health services, living standards, and employment development] policy."


"Sheltering a fugitive corporation from justice." 


"This corporation happily merged with one wanted on CRIMINAL charges, for the culpable homicide of 25,000 people in the world's worst industrial disaster.

"Just one of the reasons why the Dow Chemical Company is not living up to the ideals of of the Olympics."


Olympic Protesters Target Dow's $100 Million Sponsorship
from Forbes

                 Environmental and human rights groups have taken aim at the London Olympics with a campaign focused on three of the International Olympic Committee's biggest corporate sponsors: Dow, oil giant BP and mining company Rio Tinto.
                 April 16 2012 marked the 100 day countdown to the start of the Games ~ "100 days for some of the world's most disreputable corporations to keep using the Olympics as a smokescreen for environmental and human rights abuses the world over," said a coalition of the Bhopal Medical Appeal, London Mining Network and UK Tar Sands Network, among other groups.

" . . . to this day children are born grotesquely disfigured . . . "

No, Union Carbide does not say "sorry"
The Company "provides our statement regarding the tragedy, details our response, . . ." at bhopal.com

The children of Dow's chemicals:    BLIND, LAME, LIMBS TWISTED or missing, deafmute, brain-damaged, with hare-lips, cleft palates, webbed fingers, cerebral palsy, tumours where should be eyes, these are Bhopal’s children. The living children. The still-born often can not be recognised as human. If you want to break your heart, look at their pictures at bhopal.org and REMEMBER
International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal at bhopal.net

"cough syrop"

14-year-old after friend landed in detox: "i found out what it does is messes up your brain and can give you brain damage ~ your brain will stop telling your lungs to breathe"


Canada banned it in 2008 from babybottles
~ still in toys, water pipes, drinking glasses, medical equipment, dental sealants, food storage containers and linings for tin cans and drink boxes
now found in the umbilical cord after destroying membrane cells in the placenta

 15 Dec 2009
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology publishes original scientific research pertaining to action of chemicals, drugs, or natural products to animals or humans
purchase the full study at Science Direct

Humans are exposed daily to a great number of xenobiotics and their metabolites present as pollutants. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is extensively used in a broad range of products including baby bottles, food-storage containers, medical equipment, and consumer electronics. Thus, BPA is the most common monomer for polycarbonates intended for food contact. Levels of this industrial product are found in maternal blood, amniotic fluid, follicular fluid, placental tissue, umbilical cord blood, and maternal urine. In this study, we investigated toxic effects of BPA concentrations close to levels found in serum of pregnant women on human cytotrophoblasts (CTB). These cells were isolated from fresh placentas and exposed to BPA for 24 h. Our results showed that very low doses of BPA induce apoptosis (2 to 3 times) as assessed using M30 antibody immunofluorescent detection, and necrosis (1.3 to 1.7 times) as assessed through the cytosolic Adenylate Kinase (AK) activity after cell membrane damage. We also showed that BPA increased significantly the tumor-necrosis factor alpha (TNF-?) gene expression and protein excretion as measured by real-time RT-PCR and ELISA luminescent test, respectively. Moreover, we observed that induction of AK activation and TNF-? gene expression require lower levels of BPA than apoptosis or TNF-? protein excretion. Our findings suggest that exposure of placental cells to low doses of BPA may cause detrimental effects, leading in vivo to adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, prematurity and pregnancy loss.


the scourge of the earth
the most persistent waste product since WWII has been (and is) plastics

annual production increased from 1.7 million tonnes in 1954, to 311 million by 2014
       "The things that go into plastics are various products from oil refineries (hydrocarbons) and some other elements, most often chlorine (which is made from salt). Plastics are generally made through a polymerization process, where small molecules are made through a series of reactions, and then those small molecules are combined (through heat or pressure) so that they all join up forming a stable solid material. There are lots of different varieties though, which makes recycling plastics rather difficult!"
Arthur Smith at Newton
~ ask a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory's Educational Programs
managed by the USA Department of Energy's Office of Science

       manufacturers have embraced it:
       virtually all our tools and implements are made of it; natural products are no longer readily available
       (a sponge or pumice stone is not in the inventory of pharmacies, though can still be found in hardware stores)
       almost all purchased food is wrapped in it
       wool, cotton or linen have been largely replaced for clothing
       house construction materials use it extensively
       even money is plastic ~ not only the ubiquitous credit cards but even currency

check this blog from vancouver: Plastic Manners


Aluminum plant's settling pond burst,       

spilling toxic sludge over the countryside,      

devastating homes . . . .       

October 2010

By Marton Dunai
KOLONTAR, Hungary (Reuters) - The mood in the Hungarian village of Kolontar has turned quickly from shock to anger, days after a toxic red sludge tore through streets wrecking houses, sweeping away cars and killing at least four people.
           "If you won't even own up to it now, just what do you think you're doing here then?" a woman screamed at a director of the local alumina factory. "Why don't you take off your shoes and walk back to your factory right through the mess you caused?"
           Villagers had gathered at a meeting on a hill overlooking the red-stained wasteland that had been their home. The director from MAL Zrt, the alumina producer whose reservoir burst its dam on October 4. unleashing the red tide, was making little headway.
           "I feel that MAL has done everything it could to alleviate the damage," MAL director Jozsef Deak said. "We will need to wait for the end of the investigation to establish precise responsibilities."
           The soft-spoken words of the director, amplified through the speakers of a police car, left many villagers growling.
           There is nothing but 2 Km of flat farmland between Kolontar and the reservoir. When the dam burst, a terrible noise was followed by a surging tide of sludge that swept all before it.
           Walls and lamp posts were stained red to a height of 3 meters. Fences lay shattered, trees were uprooted, and objects as heavy as cars were swept away like wind-up toys.

           MAL Zrt said there had been no sign of the impending disaster, adding that the last inspection of the reservoir on Monday had shown nothing wrong.
           At least four people died, all well-known names here. Around 150 were injured and three are still missing.
           "My neighbor... he heard the tide coming and rushed to the pigsty to get the animals outside," said Ferenc Steszli, a 60 year-old retiree. "His mother helped him."
           "They weren't fast enough. That vile river crushed them inside the pigsty, together with the pigs. He's still missing. She was found something like 500 meters away, in the middle of the corn field back there."
           Like many of the others left homeless, Steszli idled about near the shell of his house.
           He said he tried to look at the bright side of things: he was still alive. But his smile was pained.
           "I just retired in September, after 43 years of work," he said. "I was so looking forward to harvest, and making my first batch of wine. But my barrels are all destroyed now... as are my vines. Sometimes I curse the day I was born.

. . . the company, Magyar Aluminium,
doesn't have much to say about the diaster:

Corporate whitewashing . . .
lying and cheating with the new buzzword: GREEN
TerraChoice, environmental marketing company, unveils "the sins of greenwashing"

targeting children with lies
           "greenwashing is defined as the act of misleading consumers about the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service
           "100 percent of toys and 99.2 percent of baby products surveyed are guilty of some form of greenwashing"

view the study online as flash or download it as a pdf

"Just as you wouldn't live on McDonald's every day,
that's how baby jars should be viewed."

read the abstract of this study at the British Medical Journal

genetically engineered foods: "the biggest scientific fraud of our age."

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steve Druker (2015)
at the publisher

           ". . . for more than three decades, hundreds of eminent biologists and esteemed institutions have systematically contorted the truth in order to conceal the unique risks of GMOs ~ and get them onto our dinner plates."
           ". . . for fifteen years America’s families have been regularly ingesting a group of products that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has broken the law and repeatedly lied after its own scientific staff had determined genetically altered food to be hazardous to human health.


see also the pollution of human beings in [writings]
they're poisoning our children with [polluted toys]
and [sour gas] and [asbestos] and [aspartame]
and [electromagnetics]