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2011 06 07

Slow Death by Rubber Duck

            Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie reveal the toxic soup inside their bodies ~ pollution is now personal
            The authors refrained from consuming polluted food substances for two days, had their bodies tested for toxins, then for two days ate only canned foods heated by microwave in a plastic container. When tested again, they found in their system a 7.5 times increase of the chemical BPA ~ a harmful hormone disrupting toxin linked to breast and prostate cancer.
            Following a showerless weekend, then using scented toiletries and staying for two days in accommodations where air 'fresheners' were present, the end tests showed a 22-fold increase in phthalate levels in their bodies.
            Smith, who years ago stopped using products containing the antibacterial agent tricloram, for two days used brand-name deodorants, toothpaste, soap and shaving cream, and had levels in his body of the carcinogenic and reproductive toxin rise by a "mind-blowing" 2900 times.
            "Our choices as consumers," write the authors, " really do have a profound, and very rapid, effect on the pollution levels in our bodies."

Canada's Environmental Defence ~ the book is here
or from the publisher

we have been [poisoned for profit]
by, among others, [sour gas] and [asbestos]
[polity]: ~ the excesses of capital democracy