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2011 06 07

By Jeremy Ashton

            The effects of drinking slanted water have not yet fully been established. Symptoms may include dys-angular gravitational anomalies, such as a gait considerably off the vertical (see below)

            Restaurants serving slanted water have not yet been identified. Watch the walk of people who come out. Some other beverages may also be slanted.
            Some may try to scoff at this on scientific grounds. These people need to remember the simple fact that water everywhere is found flowing downhill! Is that not a slant ? Furthermore, DONíT WE ALWAYS WAIT FOR WATER TO BECOME STILL BEFORE WE DRINK IT?? Ninety-nine percent of the time, water will settle and won't keep its slant. Thatís why we need to be all the more alert for that dangerous, one percent situation. We will not then find ourselves crashing to the sidewalk and injuring our faces, which likely will ooze blood, and become horribly infected if left untended.

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