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2013 03 13

The Teeny Tiny Art Gallery
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the blessed mother and child


Kirsten with lamp
               "While the Keeper of the Forest was thus bound, Gilgamesh gripped the handle of his war-axe; he drew the sword and struck Humbaba with a thrust to the neck."
               The [Epic of Gilgamesh] are perhaps the oldest surviving writings in the world, and tell of the great hero (and his companion ~ the wild man Enkidu) of Sumerian and Babylonian mythic poetry.

wave runestone
'The Tribe Of Five-Hundred-One Prosper In Nineteen Bands Together In The New-Green Lands Of Tomorrow Dawn'

the tree Yggdrasil
               of the north-european mythology, with the hornless cow Audhumbla, one-eyed Woden, and Nidhogg gnawing at its roots.

woman of color                summer solstice

Shining Mane

Han empire figurine
~ bent wire pattern



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