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2012 04 12


December 19, 1941 - April 9, 2012
 Malcolm Mayes portfolio at Artizan  

found . . .
Drugs, Weapons, Books and Notes . . .
after nearly 150 rcmp officers searched the trickle creek farm over four days january 2010
oh my ~ frontpage headline news
75 grams of marijuana; a crossbow, pelletgun, blowpipe, and a broken shotgun; introductory chemistry textbooks, disruptive terrorism, blasters training manual, oil and gas at your door . . .
no one charged or arrested

corporation as person under the law:
three oil companies are attempting to get a peace bond against wiebo!
he will try to get a peace bond against the oil companies, and "we will make the case against them for not having sour gas wells . . . "

from Sympatico CBC
               Convicted bomber arrested in B.C. pipeline blasts
2010 01 08 ~ CBC News
               Wiebo Ludwig , an Alberta activist convicted of bombing oil and gas wells in the 1990s, has been arrested in connection with a series of more recent bombings at EnCana pipelines in northeastern B.C.
               Police have not confirmed Ludwig was the person arrested but said Friday they arrested a man in his 50s or 60s and were conducting a massive search of an Alberta farm.
               Police said the man was taken into custody around 8 a.m. Friday at a farm near Hythe, Alta., about 400 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, near the B.C.-Alberta border.
               Ludwig's lawyer confirmed Ludwig's family members have told him the RCMP are searching the Ludwig farm in Alberta.
               Ludwig spent nearly two years in prison on charges related to the bombing of oil and gas installations in Alberta in the 1990s.
               He also sent an open letter to the EnCana pipeline bomber in September 2009 expressing his support but urging the bombings to stop.
               More than a dozen officers are searching the property for evidence related to the bombings.
               "We cannot say what we are looking for specifically, or what information led us to the location, but we have followed a trail of evidence that ultimately led to the execution of the search warrant," said Supt. Lloyd Plante, with the RCMP's National Security Program in B.C.
               Gas reserves in the Tomslake area's EnCana operations are mostly sour gas, which contains hydrogen sulphide that can be deadly if released into the air.

2010 01 09 Edmonton Journal headline
Bomber not as dangerous as oil, gas: residents
wiebo arrested, to be charged with 'extortion'?

"he's the only one willing to fight for the victims," says wife mamie

100 rcmp officers showed up with swat team at 750 acre farm with a five-day search warrant but don't kmow what they're looking for

"they treat us like [criminals] ," other residents say

picking sides
Sour Gas Man gets Journal Editorial Page
EnCana's founder rails against unions, public sector ~ wants easier money
Troy Media Corporation
. . . meanwhile in the edmonton journal same issue
"I am pissed off with those people totally"
79-year old rancher doesn't know wiebo but can understand his frustration

2010 01 20

               Charges of aggravated assault stayed against Alberta activist Wiebo Ludwig

THE CANADIAN PRESS, December 10 2007
               GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. - Charges of aggravated assault were stayed during a brief court appearance Monday by anti-oilpatch activist Wiebo Ludwig.
               The Crown didn't explain its reasons behind the decision. However, the charges could be reactivated within a one-year period if new evidence comes to light.
               Ludwig was charged earlier this year with assaulting two oil workers from Kor Energy near his property at Hythe, Alta., back in July.
               Ludwig, 65, maintained he was attacked by the oil workers when he asked them not to reopen a well at property leased by Kor Energy and adjacent to Ludwig's land.
               Defence lawyer Paul Moreau has said he believed the charges were stayed because there was no likelihood of a conviction, adding he didn't think his client should have been charged in the first place.
               "He's an older man, he walks with a cane, and there's three big hulking oilpatch workers who injured him quite severely," Moreau said on the weekend.
               Ludwig made headlines across the country in 2000, when he was found guilty on five of 14 charges related to a 1998 bombing of a Suncor oil well at Cabin Creek. He was sentenced to 28 months in jail.
Saboteurs: Wiebo Ludwig's War Against Big Oil
by Andrew Nikiforuk

               A family of true believers seeks God and renewal in the wilderness and unknowingly settles in northern Alberta’s rich and poisonous gas fields. When their paradise is i nvaded by Big Oil, they suspect that industrial pollution is the cause of miscarriages and a serious threat to the family's health. Their charismatic leader, Wiebo Ludwig, launches a series of civil and legal appeals. These meet a solid wall of industry and government indifference.
               A group of mysterious and skilful saboteurs emerges in the bush. Using guerrilla texts and even the Bible as guides, they attack dozens of gas wells, oil roads, company vehicles and gas pipelines, illustrating the vulnerability and indefensibility of North America's energy infrastructure as well as the psychological power of terrorism. The violence escalates to death threats and shootings. Ludwig, a forceful and God-fearing cleric, declares war on industry and describes the sabotage terrorism as self-defense. He sympathizes with the saboteurs, he says, but repeatedly claims that neither he nor his family are the authors.
               Despite millions of dollars' worth of damage, the oil and gas companies merely beef up security and admit to nothing. They spend a fortune combating the symptoms (industrial sabotage) but not their source: industrial pollution. The RCMP, underfunded and understaffed, conclude that this kind of domestic terrorism simply can't happen in Canada, dismissing an officer who calls for a full investigation.
               Only when the bombs go off do the authorities belatedly react with a botched million-dollar investigation. After the shooting death of a 16-year-old girl on Ludwig's farm, his frightened religious community and the terrified citizens of Hythe and Beaverlodge threaten to engage in tribal warfare. To this day the root of the conflict, toxic industrial pollution in rural Alberta, remains largely unaddressed.
               Saboteurs is a chilling tale of a fundamentalist crusade that ends in tragedy. It's an unsparing look at the way insensitive authorities exacerbate problems they are meant to resolve. It's chilling evidence that Canada's national police force is unprepared for domestic terrorism. And it's a remarkable work of investigative reporting that stands as an allegory for our time.