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"I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn
and learn as they write."
Jean Calvin (or Cauvin, born 1509) ~ after Augustine

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"to see is wet . . . :"

a morality tale in 11 panels ~ click me

the man with the Green Hat

[more] men with green hats

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i'm her grandpa, but who could resist these
[(grand) Children's Art]


The Legend of Faust
             Faust (or Latin Faustus) is the central character in an old German tale about a doctor who makes a pact with the Devil. It has been the inspiration for many fictional works, most notably by Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Klaus Mann, Thomas Mann, Oscar Wilde and Mikhail Bulgakov.
             The legend tells of a scholar's quest for forbidden or advanced knowledge of material things, in which Doctor Faust summons the Devil (Mephistopheles). Together they make a pact in which Mephistopheles offers to serve Faust for a period of time, at the cost of his soul.
             Some scholars think that the story of Faust originated in northern Germany, and was eventually committed to print in the sixteenth century as Historia von D. Iohan Fausten. Others note the Latin title and suggest that the story may have come from an even earlier source.
             It was translated into English and Christopher Marlowe used it for his play, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus. Marlowe's version served to inspire Faust, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which may be considered the definitive Faust.

download Goethe's tragedy free from Project Gutenberg

Late '60s, early '70s
             Faust is also the name of the hamlet of 400 people that has been my home since 1966. In 1914 the railroad track came through, and an engineer ~ by the custom of the day and his trade ~ left the family name to the RR station here.

listen to Faust by albert (first song i ever wrote in 1966)

An Oral History
             Marie Courtoreille (nee Wichihiwesis, or Walker) always wore a small string of pearls. She lost her life in a fire at her home in Faust in 1982. She was 101. At over a century in age she had no trouble threading a needle, still had her own teeth, and needed no glasses. Marie Witchihiwesis was born on the shore of Lesser Slave Lake just west of the mouth of Old Man Creek on a day in May, 1881. Her father Henry Witchihiwesis and mother Nancy Giroux had her baptised in 1883 at the parish mission of St. Bernard at Lesser Slave Lake settlement. At 18 she married Alexander Courtoreille, stayed along the lakeshore, and in her own words, "lived on fish and meat." It is from her family that the earliest oral history of the community dates.
             Local tradition has it that the Native people used the location at Giroux Bay as a fishing camp where the year's supply of fish was strung on poles in the sun for drying. The place may well have been called (as tradition has it): Ako chi gunna ("that which is hung") Tekaya toh ("where it takes place"): The Place Where They Hang The Fish.

the most successful Canadian movie of all time ~ [God's Country] ~ was shot at Faust in 1919

read more [local history] by albert
[1910]: north with 'Peace River Jim'
and a 1927 [trip to Faust] by Earle Frood
the story of a [tribal feud] ~ as told by Louison Gladue in 1927
a tough way to make a living: [fish and the Corporation ]
bishop (RC) Emile [Grouard] left his name to the hamlet, and a legacy of print culture
[Trout Lake] electrified in 1987
click image

dirk van elsakker 2006

life in Faust today . . .


Faust, Alberta, Canada            
Latitude: 55° 19' N            
Longitude: 115° 43' W            

Slave Lake current weather            

[1899 Treaty Commission report]

aged 107 in 1972 at Driftpile



Stories of some of the People in the Lake area



an interview with 83-year-old [Pat Lalonde] at Faust, 1972
[Rose Auger] ~ talk with a medicine woman
an interview with 83-year-old [Julian Gladue] at Trout Lake, 1975
[Alice Cunningham]
[Jean Chancelet] ~ Philosopher graduate in the University of Hard Knocks

Jean Baptiste Giroux ~ [a life in the North] at Grouard
[Gene Walters]: child of the wilderness
[Marlene Collins] ~ Cree woman, mother, artist
the two cultures of [Nushi Linke]
[George Okimaw] ~ Pipe Carrier
[Dale Auger] ~ speaker, educator and visual artist
[Joe Bittman] ~ a life in the bush
[Bessie Roffey] ~ centenarian
[Robert Jordan]'s retirement ended an era
Korean immigrant [Jay Seung Lee] at Strawberry Creek
old logger [Frank Madsen]
[Sloco McRee] ~ organic farmer
[Edward Auger] ~ early freighter
recollections of some [Native Elders]
from the Ukraine to Canada: [Annie Porisky]
[Sam and Ruth Stout] kinda liked that High Prairie mud
from Richard the Lion-hearted to [Ike Lawrence]
war and peace and [Lottie Ferguson]
[Johana Woloshyn]: mail-order bride
[Margaret Cardinal]: doll maker
[Fred Dumont] ~ "at heart a farmer's son"
the [Monteith]s remember: to the Peace country by covered wagon
[James Babkirk] hayed at Driftpile in 1917
[Charles McLeod] obituary
[two-bit wheelbarrow]: part of my life-story here, i guess

Community Development:
1968: the Faust [Land Use Cooperative] (LUC ~ get it?)
1984: the [Faust Regional Community Development Corporation]
1992: presentation to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples by [Indian Band Members of Faust Society]
2009: a look back on the dirty [politics] of a provincial bureaucracy in a tiny hamlet ~ the unvarnished truth by albert
Faust Community [Lands]

2009 09 17  click

my 'career' as a writer started with the [Faust News] (1967)
~ oh, and the mouthwash   click image

The Children's Crusade
The Revolution Game

Two 1970 books tell the story
of the short, unhappy life of the

Company of
Young Canadians

in which a young man from Amsterdam receives an education from the people in a unique small northern Alberta community
[read all about it]


                          Backyard Wild Plants ~ the useful and the beautiful     [read it]

             Earth provides sustenance to all its life, and the vegetable kingdom alone is a storehouse of food, medicine, tools, clothing, craft and housing materials. For uncounted ages humanity lived in intimate relation with the natural world. Over millennia of experimentation, (each in their differing environment) people acquired a vast 'tried and true' knowledge of plants in their own 'backyard', which has been preserved in folklore, in ancient 'herbals' and by modern science as well as in every day use.

Common Mint ~ Mentha arvensis
             The dried leaves and flowering tops were used . . . in aromatic stimulant beverages, and to relieve nausea, gas, and pain in the stomach and bowels. All of the great Canadian tribes used the various mints for these and related ills. . . .

read about it in: [wild plants]

Native American Ethnobotany searchable database ~ at the University of Michigan
Henriette's Herbal ~ one of the oldest and largest herbal sites on the net from Helsinki

[Street Smart = Country Dumb]

 click to download
Inational by albert


other free music downloads
Thilo Martinho, German winner of songprize competition
Page Jackson ~ check this zen cowboy music free
Morgan Davis ~ Field Strip Your Cigarettes download from juno winner
Trucker ~ free rock'n roll downloads
Billy and the Fid ~ download a free rock tune, why don't you

woman of color
['bragging rights'] ~ free roffe rijmers mp3 ~ my cousins the rappers in Nederland by Elephant


the voyageur guitar
a history book that you can play music on

conceived by jowi taylor in 1995, and completed by george rizsanyi by 2006,
it has travelled over 200 000 km and has been played by hundreds of musicians
check it out at Six String Nation

a new book by taylor documents its conception, making, and travels,
as well as some of the more than 50 000 portraits taken of people with the guitar
from Douglas & McIntyre publishers


"In Michael Robinson's work, the canoe, portrayed in great detail, comes alive, whether borne aloft while being portaged, being paddled in the water, or appearing in the sky as a celestial craft. While Robinson's themes draw on the myths and legends of his people, his etchings and paintings are more than mere illustrations of these tales. They also function metaphorically, with dark and light referring to evil and illumination, respectively, and horizontal bands across the painting or print surface alluding to the different levels of the shamanic universe."
from an exhibition

Michael Robinson (d 2010)

click for larger image
On Building a Birch-bark Canoe

~ watching an aged artisan ~
[story, photos, and diagrams]

Abanaki art of Aaron York ~ 'the finest of the fine'
information on this artist/craftsman can be found at rutabaga

Ojibwa artist and story teller Nokomis
grew up in the bush almost 70 years ago
~ check her detailed canoe building tale

Canadian Canoe Museum
~ the world's largest collection

since 1965 Henri Vaillancourt
studied and built over
100 aboriginal-style canoes


Building a Log House
(please not 'log cabin')

Woodsman, woodsman spare that tree
Touch not a single bough.
For in my youth it sheltered me
And I'll protect it now.
                                       ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
read an aging 'back-to-the-land'-er's account of [building a log house] ~ photo feature: [anatomy of a saddle notch]

             The boreal forests stretch across the northern hemisphere toward the Arctic shores. The dense cover of evergreens casts an unbroken shadow on the ground beneath for measureless distances. Undergrowth is scanty, and the somber mood is but rarely relieved by the brighter hues of flowers and grasses. But the forest is far from continuous. Flat areas are often too poorly drained to support tree growth and become bogs or muskegs in which mosses and grasses are abundant. Exposed slopes may grow bald as winter winds whip only low-growing, heathy shrubs and herbaceous plants, like those in high mountain ranges, or in the continuous tundra to the north. In the forest proper, no species of coniferous tree has the same demand and gradually segregate in almost pure stands of one or another.
             Nations grew among the tall, straight softwoods which were convenient for building and had many other uses. The environment nurtured a stable economy with a large range of plant (and animal) raw material, and the forest soil could be converted into grasslands or arable soils which maintained their fertility or even increased it. Much of the former virgin boreal forest has been very much modified ~ felled and burned, and species of deciduous trees as birch, poplar, willow and alder cover large areas where formerly they occurred in small, infrequent clumps or as isolated individuals. In a certain sense therefor it can be spoken of as a mixed forest' (though science will note that if left alone it will become once again truly boreal, while the true mixed forest remains so by dictates of climate and soil).

no money but lots of early 70s time
green in 1973: [cartoon feature]

now a Fairmont Hotel (right),
the largest log structure in the world
was built in four months by 3 500 workers in 1930
[excerpts and photos]
from Building the Chateau Montebello
by Allan and Doris Muir
buy the book at Log Home Guide Information Center


         . . . over 30 years later: back to the future ~ a return to the simple life with new knowledge and modern technology
         no foundation, straw walls, solar powered, roofwater collection, composting toilet, wood heated ~ no lines in; no lines out

Freestanding Radical Design Experimental Cottage
2010 11 24 ~ finally, completed and occupied

         check out the [The Freedom Cottage]


listen to Wind at my Back by albert

Chronicles of the People
back-to-the-land' science fiction
[read it]
[THIOT: Runesong of the ErilaR Masters]
BOOK ONE Thiot: Chronicles Of The People

[kirsten's rock art]

I've got clean air in my face and the wind at my back;
it's smooth sailing apace, the stars in their track;
moving at the speed of light, leaving in the dead of night;
searching for the world of nowhere.

Clear trails appear; the omens are good;
its downhill from here to the old neighborhood;
moving at the speed of light, leaving in the dead of night;
searching for the world of nowhere.

'Gate to Nowhere' by Alona
[Burger Productions]


Kirsten Zuk's Odin

Below, a vellum manuscript, codex runicus from AD 1300, is one of the oldest and best preserved texts of such a late date written entirely in runes. It is also the source for the melody Dromte mig en drom i nat, which is known to every Dane.
from the humanities faculty of Kobenhavns Universitet

listen to Ymir and Odin by albert

more [songs] from the northern mythology

Michaela Macha sings [dream mp3], the oldest piece of Scandinavian music.
(see below for its source: codex runicus)
Check Michaela's site Odin's Gift ~ Norse mythology, poetry, music

An Introduction to the Eddas, Sagas, Beowulf, The Nibelungenlied, etc. by Donald A. Mackenzie
London, Gresham Publications [1912?] Scanned at sacred-texts.com, October 2003. J. B. Hare, redactor.

Woden, the Wanderer
Georg von Rosen 1886
from a page on rootsweb

Eddukvaedi (Great-grandmother Quoted)
[THIOT: Runesong of the ErilaR Masters]
BOOK THREE Runesong: Poetry, Myth, and Tradition
             For well on to three decades, the study of the historical, cultural, and mythological background of the Teutonic peoples has occupied me, yet this obviously is not scholarly work. Nevertheless I have provided a new literal translation of the main Icelandic sources:
             EDDUKVAEDI, Icelandic edition, Olafur Briem (1968)
             SNORRA EDDA, Icelandic edition, Arni Bjornsson (1974)
             (see also CONCERNING A PROPOSED TRANSLATION OF THE EDDA by [Lee Hollander]
[About Ragnarok] [In the Beginning] [Futhark] [Name Scroll] [Nine in the Tree] [Runes of Magic and Mystery] [Weird] [Wise Woman Speaks] [Words of Woden] [Works Cited]

Germanic Mythology ~ Texts, Translations, Scholarship, maintained by William P. Reaves
The Journal of Germanic Mythology and Folklore ~ scholarly and non-academic studies
Gangleri ~ the 'seeker' in prechristian religion of Northern Europe
the Northvegr Foundation ~ 'northern history, culture and spiritual values'
Arild Hauge ~ 'Runes and Viking related stuff'

listen to magick ritual (mp3 download) by Freya Aswynn: [north]
and check her site at Aswynn for modern use of runes

                Sequentia ~ one of the world's most respected and innovative ensembles for medieval music was founded in 1977 and can look back on more than three decades of international concert tours, and a comprehensive discography spanning the entire Middle Ages
                This disc, recorded in Iceland 1999, originally a theater production that premiered in Luxembourg 1995, imagines the context, instrumentation and vocalization of the performances as the last vestiges of the ancient oral tradition

listen to a fragment of The Prophecy of the Seeress by Sequentia

more about [Sequentia]'s Edda

RUNE SONG ~ a journey into the richly varied traditions, myths and poems of the Teutonic peoples by albert burger, TAT Journal Issue 14, 1986
TAT Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1973 with the express purpose of providing a forum and meeting place for inquirers into the mystery of ourselves
[THIOT: Runesong of the ErilaR Masters] ". . . features powerful writing that takes northern mythology where it has never been, relating the tale of a history real and imagined ~ in which the subject is the story itself": albert
see [thiot etymology]; and here at a Russian etymological database project; and check out their main page: the tower of babel
listen to Spirit and Power by albert

* * *                             

Shining Mane       

click for large image        

* * *                             

As She Spoke
fairy-tale journey to nine worlds
[read it]
[THIOT: Runesong of the ErilaR Masters]

BOOK FOUR As She Spoke: Le An's Lament
contains gylfaginning, thrymskvida, alvismal, solarljod, voluspa in skamma, skirnismal, skaldskaparmal, baldurs draumar, gudrunarhvot, in new translations from the Icelandic

  by Steven Abell ~ check it out

Eagle by kirsten

falla fossar,
flygur orn yfir,
sa er fjalli
fiska veidr
~ voluspa

the waterfall,
the eagle flies over,
who on the fells hunts fish

photo by benjamin
'it says stop, doesn't it'
immature eagle in faust

whitetails in the snow
photo by kirsten


working moose
moose humping statue


aurora borealis
at Fort Smith

              The death of one we love dearly leaves a gaping wound that never closes but it is a physical wound suffered by our embodied soul, that at the same time continues to know and feel and experience the passed over soul in our world ~ in the northern lights, or in an evocative memory, in a flower, or a grief-stricken hour.


forecasts at the University of Alberta's Aurora Watch

photo galleries
Dave Parkhurst's Alaska Collection
Arctic Photo of Bjorn Jorgensen in Norway

red aurora of Chuck Graves at Fort McMurray

             On a cool November 2001 evening we were celebrating a grandchild's birthday when one of the guests came into the house with the announcement that the sky lights were spectacular. The reaction was generally ho-hum, for this is not unusual where we live, until the speaker added, 'and they're red,' at which everyone was up immediately for a little stampede outside.
             As Graves says: "I photographed red auroras last March. Incredibly, supposedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience happened again last November [2001]."

[Stone Age] in proetry
listen to Stone Age by albert

[neanderthals] discovered America

3000 BC (found 2007 02 05)
Digs unearth stone age lovers
as reported by ANSA Italy
Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata - Societa Cooperativa

              The Stone Age skeletons of a young man and woman were uncovered during digs in Valdaro, an area not far from the central Italian city of Mantua.
              The man probably died first, say experts, while his companion was sacrificed or chose to die in order to remain with her partner in death.
              The pair, who have been nicknamed 'the lovers of Valdaro', were buried opposite one another, lying face to face.
              When archaeologists discovered them, their arm and leg bones were still clearly overlapping, showing they were iaid to rest intertwined.
              The double burial is drawing widespread attention as it is unique in northern Italy. The only comparable discoveries have been family burials. However, in these, family members are usually laid in parallel lines, with the exception of one woman found clutching her baby.
              The skeleton on the left, that of the man, had a flint arrowhead at the height of his neck vertebra. The woman's body on the right was found with a long flint blade resting between her thigh and hip bones.
              Experts believe the weapons may either have been buried with the skeletons as a kind of funeral treasure or, more ominously, may have been the cause of the pair's deaths.
              "We will now recover the two skeletons without separating them," said Elena Menotti, the director of the Mantua office of the Lombardy Archaeological Superintendency.
              "They will eventually be placed in the National Archaeological Museum of Mantua, which will be ready in a couple of years' time".
              They were discovered in an area spanning around 15,000 square metres, which has been under excavation for the last two months.
              Experts are unearthing the remains of a vast, Roman country villa, complete with baths, pipes and defensive walls with buttresses.

from the same time period:

National Geographic

Huge Settlement Unearthed at Stonehenge
              Excavations supported by National Geographic at Durrington Walls in the Stonehenge World Heritage site have revealed an enormous ancient settlement that once housed hundreds of people. Archaeologists believe the houses were constructed and occupied by the builders of nearby Stonehenge, the legendary monument on England's Salisbury Plain.

National Geographic press release January 30 2007

found in David Beard's
Weblog January 31 2007 and Archeology in Europe


              "English Heritage's magnetometry survey had detected dozens of hearths ~ the whole valley appears full of houses," said archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson of the U.K.'s Sheffield University. "In what were houses, we have excavated the outlines on the floors of box beds and wooden dressers or cupboards."
              The houses have been radiocarbon dated to 2600-2500 B.C., the same period Stonehenge was built ~ one of the facts that leads the archaeologists to conclude that the people who lived in the Durrington Walls houses were responsible for constructing Stonehenge. The houses form the largest Neolithic village ever found in Britain; a few similar Neolithic houses have been found in the Orkney Islands off Scotland.
              Parker Pearson said the discoveries this season help confirm a theory that Stonehenge did not stand in isolation but was part of a much larger religious complex used for funerary ritual.


Majorville Medicine Wheel
The Oxbow People Site

"Astounding Archaeological Discoveries
in Canada, England and Wales"
Canada's Stonehenge

          5000-year-old Sun Temple and an ancient "time machine", created by the Oxbow People on North America’s northern Great Plains (west of Brooks, Alberta).

2009 book (at the publisher) by retired University of Alberta professor Gordon Freeman says it is in the center of a 26-square-kilometre stone "lacework" that marks the changing seasons and the phases of the moon and is a Stone Age calendar with greater accuracy than our current one.
          It is situated on the 51st degree of latitude, as is Stonehenge ~ which it predates.

Ice Age Child

click for the full story
          A newly excavated archaeological site in Alaska contained the cremated remains of one of the earliest inhabitants of North America. The site may provide rare insights into the burial practices of Ice Age people and shed new light on their daily lives.
          University of Alaska Fairbanks archaeologist Ben Potter and four colleagues published their discovery in the Feb. 25 edition of the journal Science. The skeletal remains appear to be that of an approximately three-year-old child, found in an ancient fire pit within an equally ancient dwelling at the Upward Sun River site, near the Tanana River in central Alaska. Radiocarbon dating of wood at the site indicates the cremation took place roughly 11,500 years ago, when the Bering Land Bridge may still have connected Alaska and Asia.

the anzick property at wilsall montana where a sandpit dig in the 1960s unearthed a stone age grave
fifty years later, sarah anzick was part of a team that identified the dna of the boy child that had been buried there
photo Sarah L Anzick  


The genome of a Late Pleistocene human from a Clovis burial site in western Montana was published online february 2014 by the journal nature
(it can be purchased as a PDF for $32)

                 "The partial skeleton, buried about 12,600 years ago, was found in association with scores of ochre-painted stone tools. Its genome is from a population from which contemporary Native Americans are descended and is more closely related to all indigenous American populations than to any others. These findings refute the hypothesis that the Clovis people migrated from Europe, are consistent with a human occupation of the Americas a few thousand years before Clovis, and suggest that contemporary Native Americans are descendants of the first people to settle successfully in the Americas."

Mysterious Catalhoyuk
over 10 000 years ago
between the Mediterranean and Black seas
called 'the first city'
population 10 000
all the buildings were dwellings
no temple
no palace
no hierarchy
women were important as the caretakers of the ancestors
whose bones were buried under the sleeping platforms in the houses
hunting-gathering economy
urban society

              Excavations were begun in the early '50s by [James Mellaart]. Many murals were uncovered and, in 1961, on the plaster in one of the rooms, a map showing the town, in detail, and an erupting volcano.
              Catalhoyuk.com ~ official site on the excavations carried out at this neolithic site in Turkey
The Australasian Magazine of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation feature article on the world's oldest map, Catalhoyuk's town plan, and also an excellent (and short) introduction to the site's archeological history
              [goddess of Anatolia]

summer solstice
 click winter solstice 2007
january 2004, -45 degrees at noon  click

listen to Heart of Gold by albert

inspired by HPB's ['heart doctrine']

read about [Helena Petrovna Blavatsky]'s life
and check The Theosophical Society at Adyar, India

             . . . thoughts on the nature of virtue

             According to the ancient Greeks, virtues were soul qualities and the source of morality was the Light of the Source reflected in every consciousness. The divine light is reflected from the Source in the vital principle that sustains the causal consciousness and then into the material mind.
             The Light of the Source is so strong as to repel all the darkness of the lower impulses at the causal level, but by the time the reflected light illumines the mind it is rather dim; yet we call it virtue.
             It is our duty and responsibility to aid the Light of the Source which pours down spiritual influences to inspire good.

[7fold human being]

Jesus of the [Bible]


[The Teeny Tiny Art Gallery]

[Jesus in Siberia]  


Joseph Campbell, The Mythic Image:
             'Every sound normally heard is of two things striking together .... The only sound not so made is that of the creative energy of the universe, the hum, so to speak, of the void, which is antecedent to things, and of which things are precipitations. This, they say, is heard as from within, within oneself and simultaneously within space. It is the sound beyond silence, heard as OM (very deeply intoned, I am told, somewhere about C below C).
             'Since the vowel O . . . is regarded as a fusion of A and U, the syllable OM can be written also as AUM . . . ~and in that augmented form is called the syllable of four elements: namely, A, U, M, and the SILENCE that is before, after, and around it. . . .
             'The A is pronounced with open throat; the U carries the sound-mass forward; and the M, then, somewhat nasalized, brings all to a close at the lips. So pronounced, the utterance will have filled the whole mouth with sound and so have contained (as they say) all the vowels. Moreover, since consonants are regarded in this thinking as interruptions of vowel sounds, the seeds of all words will have been contained in this enunciation of AUM, and in these, the seed sounds of all things. . . . '


singer-musician David Gordon on voice, sound, breath and spirit
"Any noise annoys an oyster, but a noisy noise annoys an oyster most." ~ thanks, david


             'pseudo history'

having been accused by a visitor of providing 'pseudo history' in various sections of this webpage, i would like to point out that much of what we know as history (especially that of the earliest times) is highly subjective and the best one can do most times is sift throught the biases and add our own
consider this: [much in common]


             "Born in the mystical conception of the early Aryans, and placed by them at the very threshold of eternity," as Blavatsky wrote, it has been extensively used as a most sacred decoration and mystical symbol in almost all parts of the world since pre-historic times. Again Blavatsky: "The Svastica is the most philosophically scientific of all symbols, as also the most comprehensible. It is the summary in a few lines of the whole work of creation, or evolution, as one should rather say ... [and] is found heading the religious symbols of every old nation." It is Thor's Mjolnir, the Worker's Hammer that strikes the sparks of existence that binds the universe through life's creative action.

Swastika ~ site for a campaign to reclaim the swastika as one of the ancient symbols
Gentle Swastika ~ buy this wonderful book by ManWoman
I'm not a Nazi ~ a swastika gallery at Heathen World

Heathens Against Hate at Woden's Harrow on earthlink.net

[capitalist democracy]     ~     [my security, your security, whose security?]

Odel Rune

What Makes Us Free

               Othila is land "held in absolute ownership without service or acknowledgment of any superior, as among the early Teutons," which is the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word allodium. This is the all-odel as opposed to the fee-odel (which shows the influence by the world view of southern empires that propounded a feudalism that took the concept of odel, the ancestral land that was possessed unconditionally by the free Teuton clans, to attach a fee or obligation to it, thus making it a feudal possession). The idea of fealty was deeply influenced by the ancient belief in odality that demands the free holding of land, for to hold land freely is ennobling, and the importance of freedom as a concept among the people became an essential of nobility; thus in Old English ethel it means native land or estate, patrimony; OE athel is noble, of noble descent or good family. The same word in Old Norse means family, race, ancestry.
               A bundle of rods bound together around an ax with the blade projecting, carried before ancient Roman magistrates as an emblem of authority: the fasces (illustration at right).

               The symbols of two radically differing philosophies: the concept of concentrated power that sought ever-growing empires; and that of liberty and independence that rejected authoritarian government.

[read it]
my premise
i was born free
a condition conceded any animal but the human


[Catharina Zinkewich]

alberts and anarchy

Albert Einstein's Why Socialism (1949) in Monthly Review:
The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of evil.

Albert Camus on anarchism and the individual (by Sartre, 2003) at BATR:
The only conception of freedom I can have is that of the prisoner or the individual in the midst of the State. The only one I know is freedom of thought and action.

Albert Parsons' On Anarchism (1887) at University of Wisconsin:
Anarchy is the social administration of all affairs by the people themselves; that is to say, self-government, individual liberty. Such a condition of society denies the right of majorities to rule over or dictate to minorities. Though every person in the world agree upon a certain plan and only one objects thereto, the objector would, under anarchy, be respected in his natural right to go his own way....

Albert Jay Nock's Our Enemy, the State (1935) at Big Eye:
The State invariably had its origins in conquest and confiscation . . .

Albert Meltzer's Inalienable Tenets of Anarchism in the Spunk library:
That Mankind is Born Free
If Mankind is Born Free, Slavery is Murder
As Slavery is Murder, so Property is Theft
If Property is Theft, Government is Tyranny
If Government is Tyranny, Anarchy is Liberty
Spunk ~ Anarchism, arguments for and against (1986)

Anarchy: from the ancient Greek ~ 'without ruler'
         Shortly before the northern expansion of the Roman Empire (in the early centuries of the Current Era), warlike times came to Europe. Times of the short iron sword that made people everywhere build hill forts great and small, when who tilled the soil was thought the lowest rank by those who prided themselves on idleness and lived by pillage and plunder, and aristocrats came to brood for a king as they sat drinking Hellene wine. The dynamic of Europe at that time came to be dominated by two radically differing philosophies: from the south had come the concept of concentrated power that sought to establish ever growing empires; to the north what John Stuart Mill termed an "excessive liberty" and a fierce independence resulted in anarchic forms of social organization. It rejected authoritarian government and maintained that voluntary institutions are best suited to express people's natural social tendencies. It is based on faith in natural law and justice, and aims at the utmost possible freedom compatible with social life, believing this to be the most harmonious and ordered in its effects. It is a benevolent doctrine held fast in the belief of the innate goodness of people. Vast areas became enslaved in a rigid hierarchy that ascended to the gods and the emperor could, with the aid of a powerful priesthood, claim to rule by divine right. But in the boreal north, individualistic to the point of chaos, an entire populace stood ready to bring down any who would seek to abrogate the power of the individual, for the people held that none could have power over another.

also check [court]  [security]  [terror]  [polity]


reasonable and probable grounds

Excerpt of the Official Transcript in the Provincial Court of Alberta, Her Majesty the Queen v. Albert Burger, Proceedings (Sentence Hearing) Faust, Alberta, March 14, 2006.

Submissions by the Accused
read the entire [statement]

         As this court had no jurisdiction, I have therefor requested that the Minister of Justice directs the police,
                 that the principle of reasonable and probable grounds should always be paramount,
recognizing that Statute and Charter protect individuals against arbitrary and unreasonable interference by the state and its agents.
         Although this is clearly a justice matter (a police practice that violates charter rights) the minister's office has informed me that matters relating to the RCMP fall within the responsibilities of the Minister of Public Safety and this issue has been forwarded.
         This Minister responded: 'your concerns are of interest to me. . . . However, law enforcement and the administration of justice are provincial responsibilities. . . .'
         Thus the request and documentation were sent to Alberta's Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security. This minister responded: 'I have overall responsibility for the administration and oversight of policing. . . . [but this department does not] . . . possess the authority to direct . . . a police service.'

if no minister of the crown admits to jurisdiction in police matters, nor to having authority over the police, who does?
see the alberta minister's full response [here], as well as an appeal to Canada's minister of justice and his answer, and personal information requests under the privacy and access to information acts, and a complaint to the rcmp commission

Cockshutt 60

            1990                                     1999

Restored by G A Jackson of the Cockshutt Shed in Ontario who says: The COCKSHUTT 60 Standard was manufactured in the years 1942-48 by the OLIVER CORPORATION. With the exception of the rear axial trumpets, it was identical to the tractor which was painted green and sold as the OLIVER 60.

(With thanks to the Stuarts who emailed me how to get one of these into low range!)


words to music ~ [lyrics]
all of albert's recorded song lyrics will be added by-and-by
Scary News
'open season on the songwriter'

2009: highest UK court awards organist rights to covers

read all about it in this [associated press story]

         more in depth at stereophile.com: Procol Harum's Gary Brooker (writer of the ten-million-selling 1967 A Whiter Shade of Pale) said, "if [his] name ends up on my song, then mine can come off."
         The First Post asked: why has it taken . . . 40 years ~ he left the group in 1969 ~ to take legal action?

Lower the Boom ~ audio terrorism by car stereo

Borderlands Sciences ~ infrasound's terrible secret

Toronto police purchased four “sound cannons” for the 2010 G20 summit,
now its Police commission is 'shocked' the force will keep them
check wikipedia's entry "sonic weapon"

listen to Infrasound by albert

d'Entremont home since the 1870s in Nova Scotia ~ right
abandoned in 2006 as a result of [unbearable wind turbine noise]

The menace of Infrasound
~ how low can it go ~

Science says sounds are waves ranging from high and spiky to low and slow impacting our hearing organ and moving within the body.
There is a universe of unheard sound above and below our range of hearing.
These also are waves moving within the body and affecting our organs physical and psychological (if it is agreed that the mind is an organ of our psychology).
Very low sounds (infrasounds dipping far below our hearing) roar in nature's clap of thunder, the erupting volcano, the quaking earth.
These are frightening and fearful happenings.
Sing the lowest note with eyes cast down;
The highest turns the eye to heaven.
A beautiful symbol and perhaps a message from our body of the danger that lurks in infrasound.
Volume is expressed in decibels and we have learned the danger and have recommended dB levels that should not be exceeded.
It is time that infrasound is measured and that a safe maximum level (and perhaps the prohibition of certain frequencies) is established.

shame on Canadian Geographic which appears to have sacrificed journalistic integrity for advertising revenue in the june 2009 issue that acts as a booster for an industry that has for years now been in full "deny, deny, deny" mode
a photo of the Pubnico site heads an editorial with not a mention of local people all over the world who simply cannot live with these not so benign wind behemoths


not in my lifetime . . .
                       ~ a short editorial

human meat wouldn't pass the test for beef
present throughout the human body: in the blood, organs, and tissue, are debilitating, disease-causing, deadly substances
world industry's capitalist democracies must admit polluting the population
. . . and stop it

Canadian toxic baby bottles: Environmental Defence, and its project Toxic Nation
pollution in newborn umbilical cord blood at the body burden
the Environmental Working Group also maintains The Human Toxone Project
more on the subject at The Free Library

Measuring Exposures to Environmental Pollution
Draft Report on the Environment by the US Environmental Protection Agency

Toxic Teflon: Compounds from Household Products Found in Human Blood at CorpWatch

'anti-bacterial'? ~ think again:
triclosan in tooth paste, soaps, baby cream, now in breastmilk and the environment
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Friends of the Earth

The Pollution Within ~ National Geographic feature article october 2006
Pollution in People Report

sour gas (hydrogen sulphide)
lasting damage to the
nervous system and brain
~ read about it [here]

the beat goes on for [wiebo]

see also Saboteurs and Big Oil

artificial sugar ~ how sweet it is: manufacturers decry "Inappropriate and Unsubstantiated Alarm Over [Aspartame]"
[Nano Particles] as small as 1 000 atoms
just when one thinks 'They' have you every-which-way . . .
( . . they come up with something new)
Asbestos: banned in 1989, now sold to the third world
Google "canada asbestos" and be shocked, disgusted and ashamed
read more [asbestos]
[electromagnetic] fields surround us:
wireless devices, broadcast facilities, powerlines
~ no one can avoid exposure to
"a plausible biological mechanism for cancer"
for over half a century, a closely related unholy troika of
petro-chemical, food-additive, and pharmaceutical industries have
[poisoned for profit]

Atomic Power and a River named Peace

In 2007 it was first learned that one of the locations being considered for a Nuclear Power plant in Alberta was near Peace River

  ~ in the news
Walls of signs like this one are growing around Peace River
as locals continue to protest the Alberta Government . . .

By Shawn Bell Slave River Journal (Fort Smith) 11.FEB.10
              Department of Transportation officials have taken down "No to nuclear" signs along highways north of Peace River and sending letters to property owners . . .
              A battle over the right to free speech is raging in northwestern Alberta as the provincial government tries to stymie protests against a proposed nuclear power plant north of Peace River.

Nuclear decision an amber light, not green, says Energy Alberta ...
"This idea that there's some secret agenda in Bill 50 to put a massive nuclear plant in Peace River so we can export power to the States – it's just not ... ~ Peace River Record Gazette

B.C. border towns balk at Alberta nuclear plan
Mayors of towns in B.C.'s Peace River region said Tuesday they want a voice in discussions about a proposal to build the first nuclear power plant in ... ~ Vancouver Sun

Nuclear plant plan draws fire
The move ends months of speculation about the intended site of the corporation's $6.2-billion nuclear power plant, which was said to be between Peace River ... ~ Edmonton Journal

Ok my name: Byron J Kessler, born and raised in Peace River currently ... on the Peace River Nuclear Website, and only 1% of the people were Pro Nuclear: Discover the Peace Country forum

Peace River Environmental Society on Nuclear Power

NIMBY: read more at [atom]


[ ~ Dedication ~ ]
some fifty years ago Tibet was a closed country until the Chinese invaded/reasserted control; thousands of people left the country for India and other parts of the world, many carrying sacred texts that were unknown in the west but now became available for translation in other languages, and the Dalai Lama became a foremost spiritual leader

August 8 2007: young western activists unfurled a huge protest banner from China's great wall and immediately posted a video of the action on youtube

students for a free Tibet is a network of young people and activists campaigning for Tibetan independence

the government of Tibet in exile ~ central Tibetan administration

en.tibet.cn   china.com
the above were to attempt to represent (in fairness) China's view, but i can't keep up with the links changing and/or breaking ~ click to visit, but you're basically on your own here

listen to Delyrical by albert

the dalai lama's 2000 book Ethics for a New Millennium inspired the lyrics
listen to Wind Blow by albert

summer of 1998 Ness Creek Festival in northern Saskatchewan heard this song out in public for the first time, with a few hundred people wildly cheering while a warm yet fierce wind blew Tibetan flags strung around a "community circle"

[O'Shauchragh's Journey]

listen to Are You Ready by albert





"Your Holiness, how can I achieve enlightenment quickly?"
"The best thing to do is go to the doctor and get an injection."

2015 ~ download the pdf from kurier.at



'His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the television journalist Dr. Franz Alt, and Benevento Publishing will be donating all royalties and profit from this little book to German Aid to Tibetans.  


murder in the high himalaya 2010 by Jonathan Green

               September 30, 2006 gunfire echoed through the thin air on Cho Oyu Mountain (just east of Mount Everest) in a brutal killing of Kelsang Namtso ~ a seventeen-year-old Tibetan nun fleeing to India ~ by Chinese border guards. Witnessed by dozens of Western climbers, Kelsang's death sparked an international debate over China's savage oppression of Tibet.


~ Bless our troops ~

Union Jack

~ Canada Liberates Holland ~

a [photo essay] of gratitude

       wartimes leave deep impressions ~ on the soldiers, of course, who fought, killed, were were wounded and died; on the populations in war-torn and occupied lands; and on the little children of whom i was one
The Occupied Garden
The story of a young family in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation, pieced together by the couple's granddaughters, who combed through historical research, family lore, and insights from a neighbour's wartime diary

"Man is evil, by nature man is a beast."
                                  [Marek Edelman]

[Wallenberg] lives . . .                                  



dusk on an Afghan mountainside 2006
a Canadian sniper patrol discovered (a kid stumbled upon it ~ ran screaming down)
and the village below became like an angry beehive, women and children fleeing
Outside the Wire, edited by Kevin Patterson and Jane Warren

war poet

Taliban: pashtun, lierally, 'seekers of knowledge' ~ students of islaam

[Dust in the Eyes of the World]

Most Afghans my age and younger have only known bloodshed, displacement, and occupation.
Instead of putting these ruthless murderers on trial for war crimes, the United States and its allies placed them in positions of power.
It is all a lie, dust in the eyes of the world.
Afghan women remain caged in our country.
I hope this book will draw attention to the atrocities committed by these warlords who now dominate the Karzai regime.
The truth is like the sun: when it comes up nobody can block it out or hide it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali en de strijd tegen de radicale islam (and the struggle against radical islam) is the dutch weblog in many languages of a born in Somalia and raised devout Muslim, who fled to the Netherlands where she was provided asylum and citizenship ~ earning a degree in political science and served as an elected member of the Dutch parliament

she is an active critic of fundamentalist Islam
her most recent book is Infidel click

[Derwent and Miles start a religious argument]

2010 01 01  click


al-Qaeda co-founder has an unexpected warning
[Rationalizing Jihad]

['Hamas, Hamas. Alle Joden aan het gas']

Muslim Canadian Congress
here are the cartoons that rocked the world
frontpagemag ~ islam takes europe?
[Iranophobia] ~ by Mojtaba Mahdavi

[Adam's religion] by albert
[theorem] by albert

Canada 2010 01 08 religious edict declares that extremists attack ten-million Muslims in North America
Saudi Arabia 2010 04 12 Council of Senior Ulema: terrorists commit crimes and forbidden acts in flagrant violation of Shariah

listen to Nine One One by albert

call [9-1-1]


[Quest of Return] ~ download free ebook
use arrows to turn pages



[Father Napoose]
read a short anecdote


         The woman I live with ~ not to fear, I have a license . . . , whenever she sees an advertisement for a nature guide or another, she sends for the first free volume offered. I'm up to the gums with encyclopediums! On page one of every nature encyclopedia: Aardvark.
         Dutch colonists named this animal of South Africa in the seventeenth century. They ignored its African name and called it aarde ~ earth, varken ~ pig: earth-pig. The English thought to improve with ant-bear. It is neither pig nor bear ~ though it does burrow into the earth, and it may eat ants.

read the entire uncensored [aardvark story]


Aardvark Jazz Orchestra ~ Mark Harvey, head aardvark:
'We actually have a piece I wrote called Cantata Tubulidentata.'

you can find some decades-old photos and memorabilia in [aardvark theatre]


 January 3, 2011
"Exposure to ionizing radiation from medical diagnostic imaging procedures may occur frequently among children."
Science News ~ questioning the safety of routine x-rays
About.com ~ kills by damaging dna
National Library of Medicine ~ kill is increased
Physics Web ~ kills both healthy and diseased tissue
Scientific Research Centre ~ affects the repair of dna
BBC ~ can break dna strains

!X-rays kill DNA!

top photog Mike Copeman (inset) shot this in 2000
this is why rodeo's big in Alberta.

Here Be Dragons
a fantasy adventure [read it]
[THIOT: Runesong of the ErilaR Masters]
BOOK TWO Here Be Dragons: Translator's Confession

Georgie Gibson
an illustrated [childrens story]

in which georgie squirrel pushes an acorn in his cheekpouch,
and in which he learns news about a protected-mess-thing to ward off meadow dwellers,
and, nibbling the acorn, muses,
there is nothing quite like nibbling; it makes one feel good, and fills the stomach besides

travel scrapbook snatches

de goede [sint]

. . . in the Dutch language: ~ voor mijn taalgenoten
enige opmerkingen over de [Engelse taal]

De beste geschiedenis over de jaren van de Nederlandse Republiek werd geschreven door een Engelsman:

Its Rise, Greatness, and Fall
, by Jonathan I Israel

[van het boek] ~ beknopt, met korte toevoegingen, en vrij vertaald door albert

    schrijver van De legende en de heldhaftige, vroolijke en roemrijke daden
    van Uilenspiegel en Lamme Goedzak in Vlaanderenland en elders


    het beroemde lied uit 1847 door J.P Heije
[scheluw]: wat is dat nou?
schelden in Amsterdam ~ je weet dat je beledigd wordt, maar iedereen lacht: [koper kind]
[poppenspelers op de Dam] ~ weet je nog, Jan Klaassen en Katrijn
[Hamas, Hamas. Alle Joden aan het Gas]

Nederlandse fiets in Faust
you can take the boy out of amsterdam
but you can't take amsterdam out of the man
[BI-DIRECTIONAL BICYCLES] ~ Great for identical twins!
vogelvrije fietser
Rijwiel ~ vintage bicycles
Oude Fiets ~ bicycle history
kirsten photo


see the entire [world burger url list]

~ musicians ~

Bob Burger ~ the name is right and the music superb, check it out (USA)
Joerg Burger ~ techno musician and visual artist (Germany)
Klaus Burger ~ wind instrument player (Germany)
Heidi Burger ~ singer/actress/dancer (USA)
Anthony Burger ~ gospel pianist (deceased, USA)
Markus Burger ~ pianist (Germany)
Dominik Burger ~ drums'n vibes (Switzerland)
Fons Burger ~ writer musician (Netherlands)
Tobias Burger ~ singer-songriter (Germany)
Martina Burger ~ piano, organ (Germany)
Erika Burger ~ lieder singer (Germany)
Paul Burger ~ saxophonist (UK)

~ artists ~

Barbara Burger (USA)

Anneke Burger-vanderBlom (Netherlands)                   Paula Burger (USA)

Elizabeth Burger (USA)                   Christian Burger (France)

Maria Burger (Germany)                                    Caroline Burger (Germany)
Dania Burger (Norway)                                    Jeffrey Paul Burger (USA)

   'joy burger'
~ juggler, acrobat, clown (Germany)

Franz Burger (Germany)
Eugene Burger ~
magician extraordinaire
at Magic Beard (USA)

       The development of the burger came in the northern European walled burg that, with scores of other towns, forged powerful international merchant leagues that transcended the battle-strewn kingdoms of the turbulent centuries of the second millennium of the current era. The burger was a citizen with right of entry through the town gates. Burgers' Rights became civil rights as codified in private and common law. It produced the first principle of law that: 'Town Air is Freedom'. It was the universal formulation of the burgers that meant the town had independent status; outside its walls the peasant may labor for feudal nobles, but the burger was free from the rule of despots on thrones.

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